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Coffee is a natural product of roasted and ground coffee tree beans. Originating from Ethiopia, coffee is cultivated now in more than 50 countries in tropical and subtropical climate zones. There are two main species of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. Coffee quality usually depends on the location where it ripens: the higher place of cultivation above the sea level – the better quality.

Arabica is cultivated on mountain slopes, in places where rainfalls are considerable. It needs a well drained soil, two hours of sun a day, and shadow for the rest of the day. The best coffee grows in the height of 600-1800 meters.

Robusta bushes grow faster, they are more resistant to diseases and more fertile than Arabica.

Robusta beans are smaller than Arabica. They are usually used to produce instant coffee and are mixed with Arabica.

Features and effects: coffee beans have caffeine, chlorogenic acids, potassium, nitrogen compounds, fats, mineral substances, etc.

Caffeine stimulates physical activity, makes breathing deeper and faster. Caffeine regulates low arterial blood pressure.

Caffeine accumulation in the body depends on the coffee preparation method. When drinking coffee with sugar, or non-filtered coffee, the rate of caffeine absorption decreases significantly.

Coffee stimulates digestive processes and, if consumed without milk and sugar, is calorie-free.

Good coffee preparation tips:

• dishes for coffee making should always be clean and warmed before use;
• use fresh water;
• never boil coffee (except Turkish coffee);
• never use ground coffee for the second time;
• avoid warming up coffee and storing it in a vacuum bottle.
• change coffee brands to enrich your taste sensations;
• and most importantly: enjoy yourself by drinking good quality coffee!


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