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In 2002 the company opened the first specialist tea and coffee shop "House of Taste GURMAN'S" Many years of experience and professional staff through the main Lithuanian cities are now running small cozy shops network, dictating trends in tea and coffee in Lithuania.

“House of Taste GURMAN'S” offers a wide range of tea, coffee, and handmade confectionery. In our shop  you can find more than 150 sorts of flavoured and more than 50 sorts of classic tea from all over the world. Both specialists, adoring classic tea, and lovers of flavoured tea, discovering new, exotic, and unknown tastes, will find something to choose from.

For coffee lovers “House of Taste GURMAN'S” offers 20 sorts of exceptional quality classic and 10 sorts of amazing flavoured coffee beans which provides unexpected note for a traditional cup of coffee. 

If you are looking for a gift, wish to renew your tea and coffee utensil collection, please visit us.

In the “House of Taste GURMAN'S,” You can find both exotic gourds or bombillas and classic European accessories matching a taste and needs of any coffee and tea gourmet. There also you can find various tea and coffee accessories, pleasant items and original gifts.


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