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The company founded in 1993.
In 1994 we introduced BATIK tea into the market. Now it is one of the most popular tea in Lithuania.
In 1997 PAULIG EXPORT LTD (Finland) granted JSC Kavinukas the rights of exclusive distributor.
In 1998 INTERTEE GmbH (Germany) granted JSC Kavinukas the rights of exclusive distributor.
In 1999 JSC Kavinukas purchased personal premises for office and warehouse in Vilnius, Ateities st. 15.
In 1999 the very first scaled tea and coffee stall was established in a supermarket. Today such stalls can be found in almost all supermarkets in the biggest cities of Lithuania.
In 2000 we started to provide our products to cafes, restaurants, bars in whole country.
In 2000 the first JSC Kavinukas hot drink vending machine began operating. Today we are one of the biggest hot drink vending machine operators in Lithuania.
In 2000 we became members in of "Speciality coffee association of Europe" (SCAE).
In 2000 we to collaborate with PORTIOLI, SATI, VASCOBEL, EUROGRAN, LINVALL (coffee), MYLLAN PARAS (cereals) and other suppliers from West Europe.
In 2002 - 2005 JSC Kavinukas was the official operator of NESTLE FOODSERVICES in Lithuania.
In 2002 the brand GURMAN'S was brought into the market. First specialized tea and coffee shops Gurman's House of Taste were opened. Now there are 9 shops in Lithuania.
In 2006 the first House of Taste GURMAN'S franchise shop in foreign countries opened the door. Now such shops are in Ireland, Romania, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  


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