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About us

      When we brought our first coffee and tea shipment, there were many charming things left to experience: scripts of Arabica beans, magical tea aromas, tasting events... Back then we didn't realize that we had made the first step into the mysterious world of tea and coffee, a world, whose treasures can take a lifetime to explore!
      The company's name was born spontaneously - KAVINUKAS (a coffee pot) , such a cozy, warm and playful attribute of everybody's home. What we wanted to achieve was that our tea or coffee would reveal its unique nuances of aroma and taste to everyone. Worldwide exhibitions, congresses, acquaintances and discussions with famous European, Japanese, Brazilian tasters, the implementation and cherishing of consumption culture of such products in Lithuania – this is our chosen path that we are consistently following.
      We think that everyone of us is more or less a gourmet.
      That's why our main brand is GURMAN'S.


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JSC Kavinuko prekyba
Ateities str. 15,
08303 Vilnius, Lithuania
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